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You know your crime bills are way out in right field….

…when Texas conservatives/Republicans condemn it as not workable and overly expensive, and instead believe money spent on rehabilitation and such is the smarter way to go, and much more effective:

On a recent trip to Texas, an array of conservative voices told CBC News that Texas tried what Canada plans to do – and it failed…Rep. Jerry Madden, a conservative Republican who heads the Texas House Committee on Corrections…found that Texas had diverted money from treatment and probation services to building prisons. But sending people to prison was costing 10 times as much as putting them on probation, on parole, or in treatment. “It was kinda silly, what we were […]


This is more like it.

Yesterday, I wrote a blogpost lambasting the Liberal caucus leaders for reportedly considering giving up one of their committee seats without a whimper and handing defacto majority party status on those committees to a minority Conservative government, merely because the Conservatives were being loud and blustery about it. So, today, I’m going to write a post giving credit where it’s due; I’m applauding the Liberals for appearing to not be willing to back down over the Conservatives threatening to make their draconian new crime bills a confidence motion:

Opposition MPs, including Liberals who have worked on justice issues, say they would plunge the country into another federal election before agreeing […]

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