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Another complaint about CTV

On the Olympic Morning show on CTV, they always switch over at the top of the hour to their news announcer to do the “Top News Stories” of the day. When I was watching this morning, the “Top News Stories” today included:

– Tiger Woods impending (at the time) pseudo -press conference – Canadians being rescued from sinking ship in Brazil – A zebra that got loose running on a highway in downtown Atlanta Georgia.

Maybe this changed later in the day, but I’m a bit miffed that the passing of John Babcock, Canada’s last WWI veteran, wasn’t considered “Top News” by CTV. The last living link to the First […]


A brief complaint about CTV Olympic coverage

Will you please stop with the “When will Canada win it’s first gold medal on Canadian soil” shtick? It’s only Day 2 for pete’s sake. Will you also please stop trumpeting every Canadian athlete as a “gold medal favourite” (saying they’re a “medal favourite” would suffice)? You set everyone up in the country for a letdown if they “only” win silver or bronze. You’re also putting more pressure on our athletes then there already is.

Look at Jenn Heil for instance. She was under a lot of pressure last night to perform, and did so. She just got beaten by a superb performance by her American competitor. She won the […]


Just saying..

CTV lagged for weeks when the Conservatives used Dion footage (“very seriously, a carbon tax”) in their election ads. They took less then a day today to make a copyright claim on the video made by Gritgirl today to get it taken off of Youtube. (The other 2 videos at Gritgirl’s site are still intact).

Interesting, don’t you think?


Contest: Vote for the new CTV Logo!!!

Seeing as CBC held a contest for the new Hockey Night In Canada anthem, and since CTV has made it abundantly clear they’re all Conservative cheerleaders over there, they might as well openly declare it, so what better way then to pick a new logo for them to reflect that reality?

The snarky folks at A Creative Revolution have come up with 2 such designs for you to choose from. Let’s see which one is more popular, and may I suggest the winner gets forwarded to the CTV brass?

First one:

Welcome to ConTV. We will do whatever it takes!

Second one:

Welcome to conTV! With more fleecing!



About boycotting CTV.

I see James Curran is wanting to organize a boycott CTV movement for their unethical release of the outtakes that Stephane Dion did with that interview on Friday, and Mike Duffy’s (and subsequent follow-up by Craig Oliver) hatchet job on Dion. Personally, I’m not sure whether boycotting the whole network is worthwhile or just boycotting Duffy’s show would be effective. But more power to James if he can get it organized (I suggested a Facebook group).

I’d like to take it a step further though and suggest to the Liberal Party that, regardless of the outcome on Tuesday, show your displeasure with Duffy by refusing to send Liberal spokespersons […]


Better disclosure on your guests, CTV (and maybe better guests, too).

In brief, I was reading this post by Jeff this AM afternoon, and I have to say along the same lines that for a pro vs con debate on a controversial topic, such as Omar Khadr, CTV can certainly bring on to debate whoever it wants – the choice of US Navy JAG Lawyer Lieutenant Commander William Kuebler, who is defending Khadr, is a solid choice, and good on CTV for bringing him on. Everyone knows quite crystal clear where he stands and why his views are what they are.

But, CTV has a duty to the viewers to properly identify the representative of the opposing viewpoint above and beyond the rather vague description of him as a security analyst and former Crown prosecutor. They should have mentioned, in my view, that he worked in Stockwell Day’s office at one point, and let people know this fact so they could see where his point of view is partially coming from. The fact he has rather extreme views on the Charter of Rights and the judiciary in Canada, as Jeff has pointed out at his blogpiece, also makes one wonder if CTV couldn’t have found a better representative to articulate that side of the argument.

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