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BC Premier Campbell appears to support Iggy’s EI stance.

I’ve never thought that the provincial BC Liberal Party was all that “Liberal” (or “liberal”), but in reading this article, it appears that the BC premier is more in Ignatieff’s camp then he is Harper’s, and has publicly stated as such , a rare intrusion by him into federal politics. He could be a key ally of Ignatieff’s come the election call, if the Conservatives on the EI panel continue with their partisan games and untruths over the Liberals EI reform proposals.


The recession not over, and some EI 360 hr cost spin from the Cons.

I take a look a some very bad job figures that seem to completely contradict the Bank of Canada and the Conservative government declaring the recession over, as well as some extraordinary bad faith cost estimates the Conservatives did with the Liberals EI 360 hrs proposal (more). […]

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