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Another Cons. talking point debunked.

This story was on Page 1 of that well known Liberal-supporting rag, the London Free Press, which talks about how the claims by the Con. that they are the “party that supports the military” isn’t being borne out when it comes to the financial reality:

The initial plan was to boost the size of the Canadian Forces to 75,000 regular members and 35,000 reservists. The increase was to happen in two stages, with the first target of 70,000 active and 30,000 part-time members during five years and the remainder to follow at some undetermined point. But the report says the government has not allotted enough money to meet even the […]


More Flaherty propaganda on Canadians tax situation debunked.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has been bragging about how many Canadians he took of the tax rolls with this latest budget. His online supporters at the Blogging Tories have been parroting the same line. However, the financial experts have looked at this claim, and as this article says, they’ve literally scoffed at it:

…there’s widespread agreement the tax changes introduced by Flaherty do little to improve the lot of low-income earners. “Don’t get sucked in by that,” says TD Bank chief economist Don Drummond when asked about Flaherty’s claim 385,000 people won’t pay federal tax as a result of the Oct. 30 mini-budget. “Most of those people were paying $5 or $10.”

I can just hear the Blogging Tories grumbling about those biased liberal economic bankers throwing out inconvenient facts like that to screw up Flaherty’s narrative. It isn’t just bankers either; its also researchers as well:

“There are people who would be just barely above the amount of the non-refundable credit, so, in effect, you put them in a zero tax position,” says Hugh Mackenzie, a research associate with the Ottawa-based Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. “They’re not eliminated from the tax rolls. The position that they find themselves in is that when they go through the tax calculation, they find at the end of it they don’t owe anything. “It’s not as if these people are exempted forever from paying tax,” Mackenzie added. “As inflation goes on and economic circumstances change, you could have a very similar income and find yourself taxable again.”

In otherwards, this pronouncement by Flaherty is nothing more then semantics at best – propaganda at worst – designed to fool Canadians into actually thinking this government has done something dramatic, when, as the article says, “savings for low-income earners are, at most, 39 a day”

The one measure where the analysts say Flaherty did go in the right direction was the Working Income Tax Benefit, but critics say he needs to do far more to get maximum value for low-income earners. It is this benefit that Stephane Dion has said he will dramatically increase as part of his “30/50” plan to fight poverty under a Liberal government.

UPDATE: I see Prog Blogger Dan wrote as well this AM about the same propaganda tactics the Cons. are trying with this, too. The Star’s article is a good start, but its up to the rest of us in the non-Conservative blogging world to help stop this narrative before it gets rooted as a fact by the Cons and their blogging and media allies.

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