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I’m checking that blogpost twice to make sure I read it right..

Jason Cherniak and I don’t agree on everything when it comes to policy and strategy where it pertains to the Liberal Party. I think it would be fair to say Jason is on the centre-right for the majority of issues in the Liberal party, while I’m definitely on the centre-left (that is my perception of our views on certain things). Jason also is much more connected to the Liberal Party insiders, whereas I still would be looked at as one of those people as almost observing from the outside, and one of those “irritating bloggers” to boot.

However, judging from his title, even if he kind of doesn’t come out […]


Friday’s snippets: polls and strategy

Several things have caught my eye today – a lot to do with polls and strategy.

– Another poll result from Angus-Reid (albeit with the caveat that it’s an online one) agrees with SC and Environics and shows that the status quo remains with no movement really for any party.

– A separate poll, also released by Angus-Reid, (doesn’t say whether its an online one or not) shows that the majority of Canadians do not support the Conservatives in their opposition to safe-injection sites, such as the program out in Vancouver. The Harperites are also offside with Canadian opinion on marijuana; more then half support its legalization. Cue the right wing blogs gnashing of teeth over this finding. (H/T to Buckdog)

– In yet another Angus-Reid online poll (these guys were busy!), the nation wasn’t exactly captivated with the Throne Speech, but most are either unsure of whether it’s passage should be allowed or figure there isn’t enough revolting in there to bring the government down – a poll that would make some Liberals advising Dion happy he didn’t go (though not me).

– Interesting to see that both Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff advised Dion against going to an election, but I obviously share Quito’s sentiments. I will note however, that if you were to believe the stories that some anti-Dion Liberals wanted an early election so Dion would presumably lose and allow their particular favourite person a chance to gain the leadership, then you’d have to presume by these actions that Rae and/or Iggy aren’t amongst those with that line of thinking, and not  joining in the backstabbing that seems to be taking place amongst some of their supporters in the party, particularly in Quebec.

I think that mini-revolt against Dion needs to be quelled, but I also think Dion’s advisers and Dion need to start listening to other people not in their circle – particularly those who weren’t “Dionistas” at the last Liberal convention. The perception out there from what I’ve listened to and heard is that the ring of advice has been closed off to those confidants. Perhaps David Smith and John Rae’s appointment as senior advisers, as well as the appointment of Johanne Sénécal, the new Principle Secretary, is the start of Dion acknowledging this.

– Warren Kinsella’s advice to the Liberals is pretty good. I hope someone reads it up in the OLO (or even Dion).


Shades of Joe Clark in 1979.

You know, I think I’m going to go with Steve on this one – yesterday’s speech of Harper’s as far as I’m concerned is bluster and bullying, and it reminds me of the strategy Joe Clark tried to do in 1979 when he in effect tried to govern his minority government as if it were a majority, and dared the opposition to bring down his government. He too, thought the opposition Liberals were in a weak position, and wouldn’t dare to bring the government down in their supposed weak state. We all know how that turned out for him.

Harper has quite outrageously declared that if the Throne Speech passes, […]

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