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Misc topics; electoral-vote button and some new Facebook groups.

It’s a slow news day politically so far this morning, and everyone else at Prog Blog and Liblogs is discussing what I would have discussed, so I thought I’d mention a couple of internet and blogging topics.

I’ve added an icon to my 3rd column pointing to  This site takes a look at all the state polls from different polling organizations in the US, averages them out and then shows what the presidential electoral vote would look like if those polls and the site’s algorithm it uses is correct.  When you put this icon on your blog, and the blogpage showing this icon is loaded,  the browser goes to to fetch the icon containing the current predictions. As you can see, it also calculates what the results would be for the Senate and the House of Representatives. Current polling forecasts a decisive win for Obama (over 300 Electoral Votes), and big gains in both houses of Congress for the Democrats. The site and its forecasts is updated daily as it receives new state polling results.

Clicking on the icon will take you directly to the site, and you can look at each individual state’s most recent polling to see how the state has been calculated the way it has (ie. Strong Obama, Weak McCain, etc). A very interesting site – I recommend checking it out. If you want to put the icon on your own blog, go here.

There are also a couple of new Facebook groups you might be interested in joining. If you’re a Liberal or a Liberal supporter, you might consider joining the Elect Ed Mahfouz MP for Nepean-Carleton, group. If Nepean-Carleton isn’t familiar with you, that’s where the current national embarrassment known as Pierre Poilievre is an MP, and this group was made to help support Ed try to remove that national embarrassment by beating Poilievre in the next election.

If you want to see Pipsqueak Pierre removed, but you’re not a Liberal voter or partisan, your next best bet is to join Pierre Poilievre Must Go/Pierre Poilievre doit être congédié, which basically is advocating for Pierre to be removed as Parliamentary Secretary in lieu of his stupid remarks on CFRA last week on the day of reconciliation, totally tainting that day with his remarks.

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