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Ever read something where you think to yourself, “well said”?

I have two instances of that today for me. First, the much discussed speech of Stephane Dion’s at the Empire Club in Toronto yesterday which left many observers impressed. Best line of that speech, other then the “why I entered politics” part which caught a lot of people’s attention, is this one:

“History shows us that in tough economic times, it is progressive governments that put economies back on track. Clinton after Reagan and Bush. Blair after Thatcher and Major. Chretien and Martin after Mulroney. And, of course, McGuinty after Harris.”

The runner-up to that today is a conversation I actually caught at Facebook from bloggers Devin Johnston and Kelly John Rose:

Devin: Who benefits most from the Conservatives falling in the polls? The Liberals, NDP, or Bloc?

Kelly: Canadians.

Devin: Good Call.

I’ll add to that and repeat: Well said.

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