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Weekend thoughts

The Liberal delegates have (unfortunately in my view) voted to extend the wait back to 2013 before choosing a new Liberal leader. I’ve already gone over my objection to that, but it seems from what I was hearing that the LPC brought out the party leaders heavy artillery and urged acceptance of their motion, rather then accept either the 6 month requirement or a middle of the road option as my friend Jeff was putting forward. The LPC brass got their way, it seems. I’d have thought since 2006 that some of our party would learn that the Party bosses and leaders don’t always know best. PERHAPS they will get […]


I support the middle path timeline subamendment for the Liberal Party Leadership Vote

I’m away visiting my folks for the weekend (for Father’s Day, the immediate family is getting together), but I decided to interrupt my sojourn and get on here just to say that I think that Jeff Jedras – fellow Liberal blogger and also a delegate at this Liberal Extraordinary Convention this weekend – has put forth an amendment that is worthy of support.

Read more of it at Jeff’s site, but it basically boils down to Jeff arguing that while the current 6 month time line for choosing the new Liberal leader int he LPC constitution may be too short… what the Liberal Leadership executive is offering as the alternative […]

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