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Ezra Levant campaign to run for Parliament? I hope so.

We have Conservatives apparently urging the shrill Ezra Levant to run for the Conservative nomination in Calgary Centre. This being Calgary, I doubt there would be any doubt of him winning the riding if he were to win the nomination – the question would be if there are more Alison Redford type Conservatives there then Wild Rose Danielle Smith type Conservatives to get him the nomination.

Pros and Cons to getting Ezra Levant in Parliament:

Pro – it gets him and his clown act off of TV. Con – It gets him into Parliament, which means the decorum and atmosphere in the House just went down a notch further.

Con […]


Ann Coulter Ottawa ‘cancellation’ a mere publicity stunt?

Some of my progressive blogging colleagues think so. Part of that is to do with some of the media covering the event reporting they felt it was more to do with poor organization of the event, and that the claim that there were ‘2000 protesters there’ being overblown, as well as the so-called security concerns being overblown.

As Dr Dawg noted at his above link, there’s so far not been an official police report of any kind describing reports of any physical violence, or arrests, or reports of weapons. We only have hyper-conservative activist Ezra Levant saying so, and pardon me if I take his word with a big mountain […]

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