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Lots of talk this AM about the Black Bloc anarchists destroying parts of Toronto. There is also a lot of talk (notably TVO’s Steve Paikin) about the police using questionable tactics against obviously peaceful demonstrators (I suspect the police decided they were going to use the Black bloc mayhem as an excuse/pretext to treat all protests/protesters the same way).

Those are good topics to talk about, but I wanted to focus on something else this day.

I was saying this yesterday on Facebook and Twitter, but I’ll repeat it here, and in line of what Warren asked in his blogpost today: whichever of the geniuses in the Prime Minister’s Office […]


A big blue herring

Yea, the saying is usually a “red herring”, but I felt it appropriate to change it to blue to coincide with the Conservatives, whose colour is blue of course. Anyhow, regardless of the herring’s colour, that’s what this excuse for voting against a Liberal motion calling on the government to include family planning in any G8 maternal health initiative. Apparently, it’s anti-American:

Conservative MPs will vote against a Liberal motion today to include family planning as part of the G8 maternal and child health was clear the government had seized upon the second part of the Liberal motion which attacks the right-wing policies of the former George Bush government […]

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