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Vandalism in Toronto to Liberal supporters mirrors exactly what occurred in Guelph

Well, we have another story in today’s Toronto Star over vandalism targeting Liberal supporters in that city:

Toronto police patrolled a midtown area overnight, after vandals cut brake lines on at least 10 cars parked at homes with Liberal election signs on their lawns. Affected residents live in the riding of St. Paul’s, in a swath of the city around Eglinton Ave. between Bathurst St. and Mount Pleasant Rd., and had Carolyn Bennett signs on their property. The cars were also damaged in other ways; some were scratched and keyed with L signs. Phone and cable lines of some homes were cut.

This is chilling, because this is EXACTLY what was done to Guelph Liberal supporters during the Guelph byelection campaign. Here are some pictures in the Guelph vandalism blogpost I did on that particular story.

This appears to be a concerted campaign of intimidation tactics aimed at Liberal voters. Call me paranoid, but I find it highly suspicious that the tactics would be almost the same in both cities (no spray-painting of houses was done in Toronto apparently). Do I blame any formal organized political party for actively doing this? Of course not, but it appears some folks are taking things into their own hands. I also mirror what Impolitical said at her blogsite; these disgusting criminal acts will not work at intimidation of those of us proud to call ourselves Liberals.

UPDATE @ 11:00 am: A press release sent to me from the Carolyn Bennett campaign indicates there was graffiti spray-painted at the Toronto homes as well. One of Ms Bennett’s campaign workers informs me that one house had spray-painted on it “B.Rae lies” and another said “McGuinty lies”.

Apparently, we’ve got people who can’t tell the difference between federal and provincial levels of government or the people running in them.

UPDATE 2 @ 11:50 am: The official Carolyn Bennett press release posted at the Liberal website talking about this despicable incident.

UPDATE 3 @ 12:38 pm: David Graham, who is a Guelph blogger, notes another similarity in this pattern:

To add to the “coincidence,” the Guelph attack took place exactly eleven days before by-election voting day, and the Toronto attack took place exactly eleven days before the general election voting day

UPDATE 4 @ 5:46pm: Impolitical now has a blog up that says Parkdale-High Park Liberal supporters were also targeted. This is getting ugly.


Inflammatory “ten percenters” on the gun registry goes too far.

Just a little follow up to my blogpost detailing the vandalism and criminal acts that took place in Guelph on Friday. When you see stuff like this:

or this:

…you’d think maybe the Conservatives should have known better then to be passing around this latest “10 percenter” ad I received in the mail this past Friday, which condemns the Long Gun Registry with the usual Conservative talking points and saying that they’re scrapping it with  some apocalyptic and incendiary language like this?

“How can they (the Liberals) continue to hide behind the ridiculous long-gun registry, blatantly insulting law-abiding farmers and hunters while violent criminals continue to menace our streets? The Conservative Government is ending the insult… we’re restoring the dignity and respect for the farmers, hunters and sportsmen who have been persecuted…”

This ad (part of it seen at the end of this blogpost) was sent out in Oxford on behalf of the local MP, Dave Mackenzie. I’m presuming the Conservatives are sending this bit of propaganda to their rural ridings prior to the election call so that they can try and stir up anger among that portion of the electorate. My point about this is when the Conservatives use such venom and use such inflammatory remarks in going after the gun registry,  I’m not sure it should be much surprise that some wingnut(s) (or psychopath(s), as Matthew called the person/persons) gets enraged at reading this kind of  poisonous remarks and then goes out and causes havoc, as they did in Guelph. I mean, read Matthew’s account of what could have happened to some neighbours of his  who were one of the homes victimized by this:

We had friends over who live two doors away from one of the vandalized homes. Their neighbours’ home was spraypainted and the car keyed. However, it wasn’t until they called the police to report the vandalism that they were warned to check their brakelines – which were indeed cut. Had the police not warned them that this was part of the psychopathic vandals’ attacks, they could very well have died – all routes leading from their house head downhill.

If the Conservatives want to attack the gun registry, fine;  but stop using over-the-top remarks like what’s in this disgrace for an ad.  There’s a difference of using language here  that will potentially motivate your core voters to vote, and using language that can potentially motivate people to go out and damage property and do stuff like cutting brake lines that can kill someone.

I’m not saying this particular 10 percenter ad caused this orgy of vandalism and sabotage in Guelph. I’m just saying the type of inflammatory language used in this ad could incite some crackpot wingnut with anger management issues to go and take his anger out on Liberal supporters, with potentially deadly results, such as what would have happened in Guelph if someone had driven off to work not knowing their brake lines had been sabotaged.

(And yea, I’m extremely angry at what occurred in Guelph.)


Vandalism done to Liberal supporters signs, properties, and cars in Guelph

There was a shocking display of election vandalism going on in Guelph last night. In this instance, homes with Liberal signs were targeted. Liberal supporters signs and houses were spray-painted with graffiti (it appears that at least 10 homes were vandalized), and at least 6 cars were keyed and their cars brake lines were tampered with and cut. This is more then just a prank – someone could have been killed if they hadn’t noticed and went driving off in their car.

Here are some pictures of the vandalism.

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There was a joint news release from all 4 campaigns. It reads as follows:

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