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Um, Gloria.. Guelph’s in Ontario, not Atlantic Canada.

Gloria Kovach, Conservative (installed) candidate for Guelph, seems to think Guelph is in the Atlantic Provinces or something, because she’s been busy issuing story releases at her site attacking the Liberals who are meeting there, as well as her concern for the Green Shift and its effect on Atlantic Canada.

I’m going to help Gloria out a bit:

Follow the arrow, Gloria! Guelph's here!

I hope that clears up for Gloria where Guelph is.  Again, not a good sign she’s going to be very good at local issues as an MP when she’s already worrying about Liberals in Atlantic Canada as a candidate.


Taking cues from the Harper PMO. The Guelph media notice as well.

Much has been made about Gloria’s Kovach’s inability to answer even a simple question such as the Stephen Truscott issue on compensation without referring it to the PMO press office – a sign that she is already taking direction from Harper’s PMO on what answers she should give to the media, which some of us in the progressive and Liberal blogosphere and from some voters of Guelph – judging by their reactions in the Guelph Mercury’s letters to the editor – say raises serious doubts about her ability to fight for Guelph issues in Ottawa under such a control-freak Prime Minister as Harper is.

Well, it isn’t just bloggers and […]


Miscellaneous Guelph campaign stuff.

Well, it looks like Liberal bloggers are on the same page as Scott Brison in our various descriptions of what the Conservative caucus acts like:

“I was shocked to read Ms. Kovach’s comments in (the Guelph Mercury Tuesday) on the Truscott case,” Brison said. “Her refusal to comment on an important issue to people in this area and in Canada . . . actually qualifies her very well to be part of the Stephen Harper team, because Stephen Harper likes MPs he can muzzle, he likes MPs he can silence and he likes MPs who are able to subordinate their own opinions and defer to his judgment. “Her fear of […]


Liberals out in full force in Guelph.

Frank Valeriote officially opened up his campaign office in Guelph today.  Here are some pictures of the event:

Marva Wisdom, Scott Brison, Frank Valeriote

Marva was one of the folks running for the Liberal candidacy in Guelph, and she was at the event today to show her support for Frank, and was joined by Scott Brison, who also came to Guelph to show his support.

Gloria Kovach, Conservative Candidate, was asking where Brenda Chamberlain, the outgoing Liberal MP for Guelph was, and whether she supported Frank’s candidacy. Her campaign picked that up from the Guelph Mercury, and their political reporter at the Mercury’s blog re-asked that question. Here would be your answer:

Brenda Chamberlain, Marva Wisdom, Frank Valeriote at official campaign office opening.

She was at the official office launch showing her support. That’s where.  I hope that puts that whisper campaign to rest. Finally, here’s a group of enthusiastic Liberals listening to Frank addressing them.

A group of enthusiastic Liberals listens to Frank's remarks.

So things are officially rolling in Guelph for the Liberals.

[email protected]:15pm: Here’s another blogpost with some more pictures of the event.


What do young Liberals in Guelph do on a Saturday afternoon?

Why, they go out and help campaign and door-knock to help Frank Valeriote – Guelph Liberal candidate – get elected:

Photo courtesy of Kyle Mitchell

Pretty nice turnout, it appears.  Ground game is going to be essential in this byelection, because despite the Conservatives trying to downplay they have a shot at winning this riding, they are making an all-out attempt to win this riding.  A lot of prominent national Cons. have dropped by in Guelph the past couple of months, so efforts like this help the Liberals counter that.  More efforts like this will be needed leading up to the Sept 8th voting day.


Byelections date set for Sept 8th

Just saw this come over the newswire as well as in an email from a high-ranking Liberal that the byelections in Guelph, Westmount and St Lambert are set for Sept 8th.

Guelph will be of particular interest to me, since I went to University there and lived there for a good stretch, and because I was involved in the Liberal nomination race there from a distance.  It will be interesting to hear the local Conservatives explain how Brent Barr wasn’t apparently a good enough candidate for the national Conservatives, who removed the democratically elected candidate by the local riding association  in a coup-d’etat in order to install Gloria Kovachs in there, who they had preferred from the outset.  Apparently, they think she gives them a better chance of winning that riding, but we shall see.


Dion gets good reception in Guelph; local bloggers there to report on it.

I thought I’d point out this article by David Graham who resides in Guelph and is also the Liblogs blogging aggregate coder. He was on hand in person to watch Stephane Dion’s appearance in Guelph yesterday, where he drew a very nice crowd and from what David says, a pretty good response. That would seem to be backed up by Steve V who also witnessed the event and came away suitably impressed by what he called “Dion’s authenticity”.

You might also note in David’s blog article the rather dismissive tone the local newspaper, the Guelph Mercury, did on Dion’s event, and which continues at their local blog, which is here. […]

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