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Doing what you’re supposed to (Haiti) vs not doing the job (prorogue); apples & oranges

I’ve seen a few news polls and stories asking people/wondering if the Conservative government’s reaction and response to the Haitian crisis would blunt the anger that has been directed at it because of Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament. I would argue that it shouldn’t.

The Canadian government is reacting exactly how people expect it to react when a humanitarian crisis of this magnitude occurs in a country. I’m not sure you’re going to get a lot of upside tick for humanitarian aid everyone expects it to undertake (though this government is trying hard to get that – there’s been a few complaints the past week about the photo-ops they’ve […]

Help Haiti

While the lives lost may not be comparable to the 2004 Tsunami in Asia, the massive earthquake that has hit Haiti will be very similar in it being devestating to the people and to the country.

As with the tsunami, the current and best way for Canadians to help is to donate money. Right now, the organization that probably would be the best current vehicle for people wanting to do that is the Canadian Red Cross. Information on how you can donate online or in another fashion can be found at this Red Cross page.

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