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A deep thought on Harper and Omar Khadr

Ok, maybe not so deep, but as I read this morning that the pretrial hearing at Guantanamo for Omar Khadr is delayed yet again, with Obama already saying he will close Guantanamo Bay prison, and with many doubting Obama and his new administration will even go ahead with Khadr’s trial, I wonder if Stephen Harper, in a final display of pique, would try to refuse to repatriate Omar Khadr back into Canada if and when these events all occur, and if Obama and his administration request it of Harper.

We’ve already seen Harper was alone among Western nations in refusing to condemn the Bush-Cheney commissions process at Guantanamo Bay, and […]


Followers, not leaders.

In the Toronto Star today, we have an article on how Harper and his Conservative government are probably going to be dragged kicking and screaming by Obama’s new administration into actually having a credible climate change fighting plan on the environment. In the midst of that article there is an excerpt which shows not only have the Conservatives been laggards on fighting Greenhouse Gas emissions, but they’ve barely bothered to fund alternative fuels research, and Canada will probably pay economically and competitively against the US (and probably other countries) because of it:

Compare the scope and ambition of Washington and Ottawa’s respective plans: Obama has promised $150 billion over 10 […]


Special auto adviser to Harper resigns.

Do you sort of get the feeling Harper doesn’t get along with people who knows more then him about a specific issue or policy? His special auto adviser resigns, just 3 weeks into his appointment:

“We never came to terms, at least from the federal perspective,” said a high-ranking official…Instead, Ottawa will rely on internal advice on how GM, Chrysler and Ford can be made more competitive. That suggests Canada is unlikely to follow U.S. President-elect Barack Obama’s lead and appoint an auto czar to oversee the companies.

The news article pointedly states that Jim Arnett would remain on as special adviser to Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty:



Harper, the Grinch, Scrooge – separated at birth?

My comparison comes a couple days removed from when Harper actually said this, but I think the comment he made on refusing to expanding EI benefits during these troubled economic times is worthy of Grinch comparisons, or Ebenezer Scrooge, for that matter:

“We are not interested in making it lucrative to pay people not to work, it’s not what this government is about, that’s not what the taxpayers expect us to spend money on…not making Employment insurance more generous”

Now, I could repeat word for word what Steve said at his post about this rather dumb remark (and I still recommend that you do read it) , but […]


..And the winner for most bizarre statement in 2008 from an anonymous Conservative staffer is…

…this one:

“Suffice it to say that my boss, like most ministers, is probably shocked by the number of people emailing him to patriotically offer their service to their country by deigning to accept a Senate seat,” said one political staffer.

So, there you have it. In Conservative-land, if you’re questioning human rights abuses in Afghanistan by their security forces with prisoners that we’re handing over to them, you get attacked as being allies of the Taliban. However, if you send in a request to become a Canadian Senator in order to help Harper and the Conservatives stack the Senate with their cronies, you are a patriotic Canadian doing your […]


I endorse Mike Duffy going to the Senate as well.

So courtesy of Mr Bowie, we find out that Stephen Taylor, mastermind of the Blogging Tories, has endorsed the Duffster getting a Senate seat appointment – courtesy of Mr Harper’s “I must destroy the Senate (and my principles) to save it (and them)” manoeuvrer, when he does his rumoured 18 Senate appointments sometime in the next month.

I actually will join Stephen in also endorsing Duffy getting a Senate seat, because it means the show Duffy hosts might actually get a host/hostess whose Conservative biases are a tad less evident. However, I’m not sure Jane Taber (who I’d guess would be first in the running to replace Duffy if his […]


Harper flip-flops

My, My. Harper as been making it awfully easy of late to show his hypocrisy on issues.

First, we find out from news “sources” he’ll be stacking the Senate with 18 Conservative loyalists:

…according to insiders, what really drove Harper to move quickly and fill the vacant Senate seats is the possibility of losing political power in January at the hands of the Liberal-NDP coalition.

The point is made elsewhere that Harper has never appeared to be that serious about Senate reform anyways, but for someone who claimed to want to reform the institution so it would be democratic, and to then turn around and pack it with Con cronies […]


Cons. looking for floor-crossers and “traitors” to save them.

That’s my interpretation of London Centre-North Liberal MP Glen Pearson’s blogentry yesterday:

“Well, it’s just a mess. I was approached by three Conservatives today to help support them, saying that I was an honest broker type and that my voice would be respected. But when I asked them if they would just quit playing this kind of brinksmanship and retreat to a position of non-partisanship and accommodation, they quietly moved away. And there’s the problem: if it won’t start with the Conservatives, it won’t start at all. They are the government and the responsibility lies with them. Their lack of refined leadership has ultimately led to a lack of productivity.”



Conservatives & Harper drop to new lows in demagoguery

Harper today in QP descends to a disgusting new level in his flailing attempts to save his sorry skin, as Aaron Wherry of Macleans points out:

“Mr. Speaker, yesterday, as part of the culmination of the machinations of the leader of the NDP, we had these three parties together forming this agreement, signing a document, and they would not even have the Canadian flag behind them. They had to be photographed without it. They had to be photographed without it because a member of their coalition does not even believe in the country.”

Unfortunately for the Prime Minister, this was untrue. Yesterday, the three opposition leaders sat behind a table […]


Random Observations – Harper, Colombia, more Iggy blog endorsements.

– In case you missed it, Harper has signed a Free Trade agreement with Colombia, which has had one of the worst human-rights records in the hemisphere, as well as still being the largest producer of cocaine in the world. It’s not a surprise Harper would sign this despite all of that, since he considers Colombia and its president Uribe to be an ideological friend, and he has dismissed calls before that he is placing trade over human rights. The Toronto Star is right in calling for opposition MP’s to force Harper to commission an independent human rights assessment of the country before approving this Free Trade Agreement.

– […]

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