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New Liberal Campaign Ad

UPDATE @ 1:24 pm: My thoughts on the ad.

Another ad linking the economy to the environment by the Liberals, as well as bringing in the world perspective on going green and showing the links to the economy. I particularly like the showing of the US flag, and the newspaper clipping on jobs (if you read the fine print, you’ll see it’s referring to the State of California), because it implies even the US is doing something to acknowledge the environment and the economy are now linked, while Canada under Harper has done nothing.

Canadians have to realize if Harper is re-elected – particularly with a majority – and […]


The new Liberal TV Ad: “Harpernomics and You”

This particular one is a 15 second snippet, rather then the 30 second ones we’ve been seeing, but continuing on the “Harpernomics” and “Do you really want more of this?” theme we see in the Listeriosis Ad:

Again, this one is aimed at aggressively attacking the perception that Harper has created that somehow only the Conservatives can best manage the economy correctly. I’d prefer a 30 second segment showing more of what we’re going after Harper over on the “cutting economic development” front, but the Liberals might have something in mind by playing these quick ad bites.

Anyhow, perhaps they saw A Creative Revolution’s Youtube video on the same theme, and decided they liked it enough to do their own version of it. Let’s replay that one to show how the bloggers over there did it:

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