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More on Ms. Guergis.. and a new blog mysteriously appears.

I see Impolitical is talking about Helena Guergis again this morning, or more specifically, Michael Ignatieff’s visit to her riding last week prior to the hotel library gala controversy where some believe the hotel library directors were warned that he shouldn’t appear, lest federal funding might suddenly dry up for the project. By the way, a big thumbs down to those hotel library directors for bowing to political pressure and/or intimidation and/or threats if this is what occurred.

I also wanted to highlight a blog just started up that was brought to my attention by a reader. The site is called blogging helena, and it’s a rather amusing spoof of […]


It’s a good thing Brenda Martin isn’t imprisoned without charge in Greenland..

…I mean, there would be no excuse for Helena Guergis to use to travel there so she could get some sun and vacation time in, rather then visiting a Canadian who’s being held in a prison without charge. This is the same Helena Guergis who breached Dion’s and Ignatieff’s security by doing a partisan attack on their visit to Afghanistan and blowing their cover when she revealed where they were going to be before they had reached the destination – a security no-no. She’s just put on display more of her incompetence and worse, her utter disinterest in a Canadian’s fate (though she obviously did enjoy the socialite scene down […]

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