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Ignatieff vows to defeat yet another Conservative attempt to kill gun registry.

On hearing yesterday that the Conservatives had decided once again to try to kill the long-gun registry, I was going to do a blogpost imploring Ignatieff not to let this obvious attempt to placate the Conservatives base pass. However, I thought I’d wait to see what Ignatieff had to say on this, and I’m encouraged this morning by what he did have to say:

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff last night pledged to defeat efforts by the Conservative government to scrap the controversial long-gun registry. “We won’t let him,” vowed Ignatieff, speaking of moves by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government in the Commons, and yesterday in the Senate, to end national […]


Quit the pandering (or be more subtle about it).

A memo to Mr.Ignatieff:

I agree we should not single out regions in Canada when running a political campaign, and I get that you’re trying to be more competitive out in Western Canada, but I agree with my colleague Steve over at Far and Wide: I think you’re making your pandering to the West and the oilpatch out there far too obvious (That’s tarsands, Mr Ignatieff.. not the attempted sterile term of “oilsands” that even you have taken to using of late). When even the Alberta government sounds more moderate then you when they call the National Geographic article on the tarsands “fair”, I think you should be dialing back […]


A stray quick thought on Omar Khadr and the Obama visit to Canada.

If Stephen Harper (or his spokesperson) are saying they will not bring Omar Khadr up with President Obama, and if their claim that they don’t expect Obama to bring it up to them pans out, (though I would hope Obama surprises them and does raise the issue, which would make for some uncomfortable discussions for Harper), then I think it’s imperative that Michael Ignatieff – who gets a 10 minute courtesy chat with President Obama as leader of the Official Opposition – does bring it up with Obama when the 2 of them have their brief chit-chat. Furthermore, I’d hope Ignatieff makes sure the Harper government knows loud and clear […]

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