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Instant Run-off voting – Toronto considers it.

There is a column in the National Post about the City of Toronto possibly considering a voting reform; implementing Instant Run-off Voting (IRV) or Ranked Balloting as in time for the elections of 2014. If you’re not a voting expert, here’s all you need to know about this system:

Rather than marking a single X on the ballot, voters rank their three favourite politicians in order of preference. At the end of voting day, the first choices of each ballot are added up. If a candidate gets 50% or more of the vote, the election is over and a winner is declared. Otherwise, the candidate with the least votes is […]


UK Coalition government: some possible lessons on electoral reform for Canada

If you’ve been out all day, the UK Conservative Party is now in power, with their leader David Cameron as the new British Prime Minister. They achieved that only by forming a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats. Their leader Nick Clegg has become Deputy Prime Minister, with a few other Liberals getting cabinet posts (to be announced), and some give and take from each party on the platform of the coalition government, which we will find out in detail soon.

It’s tempting to apply this to the Canadian situation from a number of angles (such as the fact that coalition governments can be used in a Westminster parliamentary system […]

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