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Beware of false prophets.

The current Minister of Immigration “Curry in a Hurry”, Jason Kenney would be one such person that this title would apply to. Don’t believe for a second that his attempt (and the Conservatives in general) to curry favour among Canada’s ethnic communities is anything more then pandering for votes, as past statements from Kenney and Harper would show they hardly have any natural sensitivity towards this demographic.

I would hope that Minister Kenney is just as outraged by this nickname given to him by his Conservative colleagues as he supposedly was when he did the sideshow Bob act at that Chinese restaurant a couple of weeks ago, but I won’t […]


6 feet of blather (or whatever height Pierre is).

Pierre Poilivere (who else?) decided to come out today and issue a statement in the House on Senator Romeo Dallaire’s testimony yesterday (actually, let me amend that – no doubt the PMO sent out Pierre today and asked him to say this and no doubt pre-approved the statement he read) which was worse, if possible  then Jason Kenney’s blathering yesterday on the topic) which more or less equated Dallaire, “a retired general, author, speaker and respected parliamentarian to “a member of the Khadr family”

Dallaire responded in an appropriate manner as shown by Kady here. (Note: this was a response to Jason Kenney’s twisted logic from yesterday’s hearing, but the reply can apply to Pierre’s blurtings today as well)

All I will say further to this is that Pierre Poiliviere couldn’t lick Senator Dallaire’s army boots. Also, while Dallaire may have been very strong and harsh in his criticism of Canada and the US, and while some may disagree with his wording, I don’t feel he should be disciplined for it. Rather, we (as in we, the Liberal Party) should be taking Jason Kenney and Pierre Poiliviere to task for their twisting and distortions of the good Senator’s remarks.

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