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Alberta politics suddenly got unpredictably whacky

So Jim Prentice was a virtual lock to win this election a couple of months ago… at least in the eyes of the pundits, particularly after Danielle Smith and half of her Wild Rose Party defected.

Suddenly, after a very unpopular budget.. things look extremely unpredictable:

An Alberta election that once looked like a Tory cakewalk is instead developing into a close three-way race — at least in the early going of the campaign, according to two new polls. A survey conducted by Mainstreet Technologies shows the Wildrose in the lead with 31 per cent support among decided voters, followed by the Progressive Conservatives at 27 per cent and the […]


Environmental proposal from Conservatives going over like a lead balloon.

This idea is so blatant in it’s favoritism, I can’t believe Jim Prentice actually thought it would get a good reception anywhere other then in Alberta/Saskatchewan:

Ottawa’s pitch helps economies of Saskatchewan, Alberta at expense of other provinces, critics say

Though plans are described as a work in progress, numerous accounts say the Conservatives intend to put a cap on the emissions from Ontario’s manufacturing sector and other polluting industries across Canada, while letting oil and gas companies meet less stringent intensity targets which allow output, and pollution, to increase. That could jeopardize the economies of eight provinces and three territories for the sake of continued growth in Alberta and […]


More of Lisa Raitt critiquing her fellow cabinet ministers..

This time, it’s Jim Prentice:

Environment Minister Jim Prentice is the second minister subjected to a less-than-flattering assessment from the natural resources minister. Sources familiar with the tape say Raitt suggests her colleague is pandering to Alberta´s oil sands. What makes that observation surprising is that Raitt – as natural resources minister – is responsible for defending the oil sands, while Prentice is responsible for reducing carbon emissions.

I suspected there was going to be a lot more “material” on here then just Chalk River and her assessment of the Health Minister when we found out there was 5 hours worth of material on this tape. Prentice is the next […]

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