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Polls on Liberal (would-be) contenders and NDP leads.

You might have seen a poll out in the past couple of days from Forum Research stating that if Justin Trudeau became Liberal Party leader, he’d receive 39% of the vote, Stephen Harper’s CPC getting 32% and the NDP reverting back to their long held 3rd party status with 20%. You might have also seen an Environics poll out as well that showed the NDP in the national lead with 35%, CPC at 31%, and the Liberals with the 20% that they’ve held basically since Election Day in 2011.

In both instances, they are interesting snapshots of the Canadian public, but in both cases, we’re a little under 3 years […]

Even a half-hearted race for LPC leader is preferable to a coronation

Chantal Hebert’s column in the Toronto Star on Justin Trudeau says that he is the frontrunner for Liberal Party leader, even as he is still not officially a candidate. It makes the point that many Liberals are putting their leadership aspirations on hold until he declares finally one way or the other whether he is running, and if he does run, they won’t be.

It would be unfortunate, in my view, if there is no real competition to him if he does decide to run, whether he ends up being the “best” candidate for the job or not. Another coronation at this point for the LPC leadership wouldn’t be a […]

The Dean of Peterborough

My reaction to Dean Del Maestro’s criticism of Justin Trudeau as being a “bad Catholic” isn’t going to be as ticked off as some – maybe because I’m not a Catholic. I’m more amused that Del Maestro has appointed himself as the Pope’s personal morality representative here in Canada on behalf of the Conservative government; conservative Christians do tend to be very judgmental of others – even fellow Christians – if they feel they don”t share their strict interpretation of Christianity. We’re all apostates in their view.

All I’ll say to Mr. Del Maestro is share a quote from the Bible he should be well aware of: “Let he who […]

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