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Love this line: ‘Liberals continue to pound Conservatives’

It’s poll night! This one from Leger looks at the party’s standing and leadership.. and this gives a hint as to why the Conservative Party, or the Prime Minister’s Office rather (actually, scratch that, they’re both acting as the same thing, which the PMO should not be doing, by the way, if tradition was being upheld) is desperate for this contrived scandal they’ve made to stick to Trudeau. I love the first line of the story in the Gazette, which I did in my title and will highlight for you once more, because I like reading it so much:

A new poll shows the federal Liberals continue to pound the […]


Politics, polls and personal stuff

Lots of stuff to talk about at the beginning of this week:

– The official Fall session for the federal Parliament begins today. The Conservatives and Harper will now begin the process of ending or killing everything they don’t like ideologically – which they now can do with their majority. Most governments try to create a legacy when they’re in government. Harper and his bunch will have a legacy that I predict will end up being remembered for trying to destroy everything that is Liberal or liberal oriented. It will be interesting though to see how effective the Official Opposition New Democrats (without Layton) and the Liberals (without a permanent […]

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