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Bob talks to bloggers.

So, the blogchat with Bob Rae has just ended about 15 minutes ago. Bob took our questions for about 35 minutes, and the session was well attended by many well known Liberal bloggers. If you’re a regular reader of Liblogs or Progressive Bloggers, I’m sure you’ll see their accounts soon on their blogs popping up. I won’t steal all their thunder, but I’ll focus on 2 issues that Bob addressed from myself and a couple of other bloggers that I was paying close attention to:

– With regards to the post-Green Shift postmortem, it sounds to me that he believes still in the environmental goals and issues that the Liberal […]


Your Liberal leadership review summary

It’s looking to be a rather thin field out there – not quite as bad as when the Paul Martin coronation took place.. but not far from it:

To recap:

Martha-Hall Findlay is out

Gerard Kennedy is out (which mildly surprised me, actually).

A whole host of others: out

Who’s In? Bob Rae, Iggy (pending an official announcement, supposedly tomorrow) and Dominic Leblanc.

The Warren Kinsella endorsement watch: still no public announcement, though he apparently gave a class up at Seneca College a good hint as to who he liked. Since we have no video of the event, if there are still bloggers out there desperate to find out any […]

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