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My attempt at a segue

I saw this status message on Facebook from a “friend” – who I believe ironically enough is a Harper/Conservative supporter, but who was leaving this in a non-political context:

“Great people talk about ideas; average people talk about things, small people talk about other people. In other words, those talking about others have nothing intelligent to say.”

Great lines. It leads me to think about our current political discourse: Michael Ignatieff is talking about big ideas in his pre-election ads, while all the Conservatives can do is continue to belittle Ignatieff. Here is the Liberal’s latest pre-election ad as an example:

If you listen to this ad, and the […]


Ignatieff: ‘We can do better’ TV ads pre-released to Youtube, Facebook

The English language ad titled “WorldView”:

..and the 2 French language ads – one dealing with the Harper record on the environment, the other with the Harper record on the deficit:

These will be on Canadian TV networks and stations soon, and 3 more of these ads are due out on TV in the next few weeks. In essence, the Liberals are attempting to take a page out of the Conservatives playbook by running pre-election ads. It’s very interesting that the Liberals go positive in the English one (with a subtle message of how the Conservatives haven taken a smaller narrower view of Canada), while the French-language […]

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