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The proverbial NDP tempest in a teapot.

A lot of sound and fury from some NDP’ers about the Liberals holding a fundraiser in Sudbury; the main beef being because it was a high priced event (550$ to attend) and somehow, that’s inappropriate because of a strike that has nothing to do with the Liberals in the first place.

A couple observations: I’m sure the NDP wouldn’t have uttered a peep about this fundraiser nor express their moral outrage if Sudbury happened to be a Conservative-held riding, rather then an NDP one. Apparently, they feel threatened in this riding. I’m also sure that if the NDP could find people willing to pay 550$ a pop to listen to […]


Initial polling: Attack ads may be hurting Harper worse then Ignatieff.

You’ll note both Steve and Jeff commenting on Harris-Decima, and Steve commenting on Angus-Reid (Quebec only) doing some polling on the effect of the Conservative attack ads, with the initial reports being that they may be hurting Harper and the Conservatives worse then they are Ignatieff (and by extension, the Liberals).

I believe Steve said this somewhere at his site, but I’ll say it as well; this is encouraging (if you’re a Liberal, or if you just hate negative politics in general) but I would have liked to have seen these pollsters do a general poll (to go along with their attack ad polling) to show what current voter intentions […]


Ignatieff vows to defeat yet another Conservative attempt to kill gun registry.

On hearing yesterday that the Conservatives had decided once again to try to kill the long-gun registry, I was going to do a blogpost imploring Ignatieff not to let this obvious attempt to placate the Conservatives base pass. However, I thought I’d wait to see what Ignatieff had to say on this, and I’m encouraged this morning by what he did have to say:

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff last night pledged to defeat efforts by the Conservative government to scrap the controversial long-gun registry. “We won’t let him,” vowed Ignatieff, speaking of moves by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government in the Commons, and yesterday in the Senate, to end national […]


Quit the pandering (or be more subtle about it).

A memo to Mr.Ignatieff:

I agree we should not single out regions in Canada when running a political campaign, and I get that you’re trying to be more competitive out in Western Canada, but I agree with my colleague Steve over at Far and Wide: I think you’re making your pandering to the West and the oilpatch out there far too obvious (That’s tarsands, Mr Ignatieff.. not the attempted sterile term of “oilsands” that even you have taken to using of late). When even the Alberta government sounds more moderate then you when they call the National Geographic article on the tarsands “fair”, I think you should be dialing back […]


Thoughts on the Liberal Budget strategy

I’m not as, um, enthusiastic as some about putting this “government on probation” strategy, or putting them on a tight lease strategy, because I’m not sure that the Liberals are really doing that.

Even in the “leaked” report that Steve was quoting from Bob Fife at his blogpost had the Liberals at least demanding that changes be made to the EI and infrastructure portion of the budget ( along with the requirement of reports 3 times a year back to Parliament), but in the Liberal Press release, that first portion isn’t even mentioned – all we’re doing is proposing an amendment that the government be required to report to […]


Thoughts on our new Liberal leader.

So, Michael Ignatieff will be picked as the new Liberal leader by virtue of Bob Rae dropping out this afternoon. As I said in my last blogpost, while I’m a bit uncomfortable with what the Liberal Executive decided on last night, which more or less sealed Rae’s fate, I do congratulate Mr. Ignatieff as the new Liberal leader, and I sincerely hope he is able to remove Harper and the Conservatives from office.

I’ve already seen posts from some pro-Ignatieff bloggers – past or present – calling on Bob Rae to be gracious in his withdrawal speech. I said at one such blogpost in comments that I dont expect […]


On the Manley rant

So, John Manley has decided to come out this morning in the Globe saying we Liberals should all just forget about any coalition with the NDP. One of my fellow Liberal bloggers seems to think this is somehow a case of sanity prevailing. I disagree.

First, the unified opposition and the threat of defeat is the ONLY reason Harper backed down from most of his provocative stuff in the now dead Economic Update. Mr. Manley seems to have forgotten that small fact. I believe that coalition needs to be intact come January 26th, or Harper will feel less pressure to revamping his Budget toward the Coalition’s position (the threat of […]


This is more like it.

Yesterday, I wrote a blogpost lambasting the Liberal caucus leaders for reportedly considering giving up one of their committee seats without a whimper and handing defacto majority party status on those committees to a minority Conservative government, merely because the Conservatives were being loud and blustery about it. So, today, I’m going to write a post giving credit where it’s due; I’m applauding the Liberals for appearing to not be willing to back down over the Conservatives threatening to make their draconian new crime bills a confidence motion:

Opposition MPs, including Liberals who have worked on justice issues, say they would plunge the country into another federal election before agreeing […]


My sentiments exactly. Go for a 10 province or 308 riding strategy, Liberals.

Dan Arnold, better known as CalgaryGrit, takes issue with Scott Reid’s rejection of Rob Silver’s plea for the Liberals to follow a made in Canada version of the Democratic Party’s 50 state strategy. Scott says all the Liberal Party should be doing is aiming to win more seats then the other guys, preferably enough to get a majority government, and Dan spells out the problem with that bit of logic:

Here’s the problem. The Liberals won 76 seats. They were within 10% of winning in 33 other seats – so maybe the “quick fix” can get us up to 109 seats next election and if that’s Scott’s target, that’s probably […]


What happens after Monday.

So we’ve received word through a Liberal Party news release that Stephane Dion is holding a press conference on Monday at 2 pm. In all likelihood, it means that Dion will announce his resignation and that a new leader will be picked in May, which was going to be the leadership review.

I’m going to pick up a bit from my one post where I speculated “what the Liberals should do if Dion leaves as leader”, and say if that is the scenario that plays out on Monday, whether Dion remains the interim leader or someone else is picked, we had better not see the Liberals fold like a cheap […]

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