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Double standards

Maxime Bernier would get a lot of respect from me if he decided he didn’t appreciate being treated a lot differently by Harper then Lisa Raitt has been under almost exactly the same circumstances and resigned from the Conservative caucus in protest.

He could do so as well without being in any danger of losing his seat in Quebec either.


Harper: The buck stops here (at Minister Raitt’s aide’s desk)

Well.. it appears Lisa Raitt offered her resignation to Harper today over the missing documents flap, but he refused it. Why? Because he and the PMO like Lisa Raitt a lot more then they did Maxime Bernier, who apparently was “too independent” for Harper’s tastes.

Instead, they decided to try to pin the missing documents on Raitt’s young aide, whose resignation was compelled offered and accepted today. Problem is, CTV (and Robert Fife of all people). seem to have shot a hole thru that excuse that it was the aide’s fault. As Jeff has related here, Fife discovered these were Raitt’s actual minister documents that went missing, and there are […]

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