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To Jack Layton & NDP on the gun registry vote; don’t get played by Harper on this.

Just a note to Jack Layton and company in the NDP’s leadership circle over the upcoming vote(s?) on the “private members bill” to try and kill the long-gun registry (actually, the first vote will be a Liberal amendment motion to kill Bill C-391 off entirely):

– A regular private members bill does not get unprecedented advertising from the sitting government in key ridings of opposition members urging their constituents to tell them to vote to support the “private members bill”, as has happened here.

– Yes, a private member’s bill normally doesn’t get whipped by the party leadership, but as related over here in Impolitical’s update and according to London […]


Gun registry supporters (police groups etc) launch new website.

We have a new website up from proponents wishing to keep the Long-gun registry intact. It’s called Truths & Myths, and the list of organizations that support the site is impressive:

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police The Canadian Police Association The Canadian Association of Police Boards The Canadian Public Health Association The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians The Canadian Association for Adolescent Health The Canadian Paediatric Society The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists The Trauma Association of Canada The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions The YWCA of Canada

Here are the Top Ten Myths about the Canadian Firearms Program, and my favourite page of the site, some specific […]


A case of teabagger-itis: Saskatchewan Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz

The decision by Michael Ignatieff to oppose the so-called “private members bill” to kill the long-gun registry and whip his members into voting against has sent some Conservatives into a state of apoplexy; none more so then Garry, who had a press release issued from his office, which stated more or less that the Liberals should beat him up for deciding to do so (update: oh, and the Canadian Police Chiefs Association are some kind of cult).

He later apologized, claiming that he didn’t write this and that he didn’t authorize it’s release, and that ‘this language wasn’t me’; except of course Garry has a history of saying rather over-the-top […]


Well said.

I said this briefly at the end of my piece a couple of blogposts ago, but Stephen Hume of the Vancouver Sun can’t be any more unequivocal: Scrapping the registry is bad policy and not what the majority of Canadians want:

Scrapping long-gun registry is pandering to vocal minority

The biggest risk for Harper’s Conservatives will be how women react, since women are predominantly victims of murder by long gun, a fact conveniently overlooked in mostly male anger over the registry. Yet an Ipsos Reid poll in 2006 found three out of four Canadians want stricter, not more permissive, gun controls. Most agree the gun registry is flawed. They want […]


Conservative public relations stunt on killing long gun registry revealed.

Gee, what a big surprise; the move to introduce a bill in the Senate to kill the long gun registry a month ago is now more or less conceded to have been nothing more then an attempt to throw red meat to the Conservatives discontented base of voters. I really love the title of the article over at CTV: Tory plan to kill gun registry appears to be lost cause:

Despite introducing an unusual Senate bill to great fanfare earlier this month, an official in the office of government Senate Leader Marjorie LeBreton says there’s no timetable for a vote on Bill S-5 in the Liberal-dominated upper chamber. And Liberals […]


A finanical reason for the Cons. wanting to scrap the long-gun registry.

If you’re wondering why the Conservatives decided to put out another attempt to kill the long-gun registry, like some others, I think a very good reason the Conservative government did so is perhaps they’re afraid their gun lover constituency will stop donating to them:

That was found off of a right-wing gun supporter’s site, if you’re wondering. But, it appears that a few of these groups recognize pandering for what it is.. because they don’t buy this government’s legislation as going far enough (and if they thought about it hard enough, it’s a rather half-hearted effort by the Conservative government by introducing it into the Senate first), and want […]

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