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Make Parliament Work rally in Ottawa draws thousands.

From the wire on CP, describing a very well attended pro-Coalition rally at Parliament Hill today:

Thousands of people rallied on the steps of Parliament Hill today to support a coalition of opposition parties who tried to topple the Harper government. The crowd wasn’t deterred by the chilly weather and word that Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean allowed Prime Minister Stephen Harper to suspend Parliament until late next month. Many waved signs that said “Coalition – Yes! Make Parliament Work” and “I’m a part of the 62 per cent majority” – a reference to the combined vote share of the opposition parties in the last federal election. Liberal Leader Stephane Dion […]


Fill the Hill on Thursday, December 4th at noon.

From the Make Parliament Work website:

The Conservative government introduced an economic and fiscal statement last week that failed to provide economic relief for Canadians or any measures to get the economy back on track. Canadians need a government that shows leadership. The opposition parties are acting in a responsible manner. They are not going to force another costly and time-consuming election. Instead the Liberals and the NDP are planning to form a coalition government, with the support of the Bloc Qu├ębecois in the House of Commons, to get this Parliament to address the economic crisis in a way that benefits workers and their families. Let’s support a coalition […]

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