Michael Chong's respect for Parliament sighting - Part 2

James mentioned Chong’s motion to reform some aspects of Question Period over at his blogpost today, but I thought I’d highlight it as a follow-up to yesterday’s blogpost I did on him, which just reinforces the notion he’s one Conservative MP who respects the institution of Parliament and its traditions and rules – something the majority of his Conservative colleagues – including the Prime Minister – is sadly lacking.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone though – Chong was a member of the old Progressive Conservative party, and is probably one of the few true moderates left over there. The Conservatives could do worse then to listen to Chong, but they won’t […]


A Conservative MP with respect for Parliament sighting.

Michael Chong is the Conservative MP for Wellington-Halton-Hills, and served in Prime Minister Harper’s Cabinet in 2006 as Intergovernmental Affairs Minister. He resigned in protest over the “Quebec is a nation” motion put forth by Harper in the House at that time.

He had an interview with CBC’s Sunday Edition, and I found this part of the interview the most interesting of all:


Do you think that flowing from Mr. Speaker Milliken’s ruling this week, that parliament does have sovereign power over the issuance of the declaration of these documents? Do you think that has greater repercussions as far as ordinary MP’s are concerned…. that perhaps, that this […]

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