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Thoughts on our new Liberal leader.

So, Michael Ignatieff will be picked as the new Liberal leader by virtue of Bob Rae dropping out this afternoon. As I said in my last blogpost, while I’m a bit uncomfortable with what the Liberal Executive decided on last night, which more or less sealed Rae’s fate, I do congratulate Mr. Ignatieff as the new Liberal leader, and I sincerely hope he is able to remove Harper and the Conservatives from office.

I’ve already seen posts from some pro-Ignatieff bloggers – past or present – calling on Bob Rae to be gracious in his withdrawal speech. I said at one such blogpost in comments that I dont expect […]


Random Observations – Harper, Colombia, more Iggy blog endorsements.

– In case you missed it, Harper has signed a Free Trade agreement with Colombia, which has had one of the worst human-rights records in the hemisphere, as well as still being the largest producer of cocaine in the world. It’s not a surprise Harper would sign this despite all of that, since he considers Colombia and its president Uribe to be an ideological friend, and he has dismissed calls before that he is placing trade over human rights. The Toronto Star is right in calling for opposition MP’s to force Harper to commission an independent human rights assessment of the country before approving this Free Trade Agreement.

– […]


The 2 most unsurprising events of the day

1) Michael Ignatieff announces he is running for the Liberal leadership

2) Warren Kinsella announces he is supporting Mr. Ignatieff”s candidacy.

I’m glad about #2: the breathless speculation of who Warren is supporting can now cease and desist – I suppose we’ll now see some Liberal bloggers going after Warren for his choice, but I have to say I respect him for why he did it. The reason I joined the Liberal Party in Dec 2006 was because I was there covering the Convention for BlogsCanada/Progressive Bloggers, and I witnessed in person how Dion won the leadership, how he carried himself, and for his beliefs in general. I became an […]


Iggy: “If Harper succeeds you will wake up in a country you no longer recognize”

Warren K. made reference to a speech that Deputy Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff made at the Economic Club of Canada this morning that he praises and wishes the Liberals would have made a lot earlier. I don’t think it’s too late yet however to start drilling this message into people’s heads. (It’s not just making charges of a “hidden agenda” either. I think we’ve seen enough of Harper to know what he’d do if given a majority government).

Parts of the speech I liked: Iggy shows that Harper and the Conservative Party are NOT the best party to be the economic stewards for Canada, by listing what has happened to Canada since Harper and the Cons took over:

The worst performance in the G8.
Negative growth in GDP through the first half of this year.
Government accounts on the brink of deficit.
No contingency left in the budget. No margin for error.
The worst productivity picture in 18 years productivity growth has been negative this year.
Stephen Harper is the first Prime Minister in 50 years to preside over an actual decline in Canadian productivity.

Check out the very excellent speech in the PDF file below.

Iggy speech to Economic Club of Canada.


Liberal Random Thoughts: Apologies to Iggy, and more OYL Shenanigans

– I wanted to say I was kind of pleasantly surprised to see that Michael Ignatieff is one of the “hawks” inside the Liberal caucus who were urging the caucus to bring the government down. I had thought after the Afghanistan issue and his role in helping to craft a compromise on that position to the Cons. that he must be one of the doves, so my public apology to Mr. Ignatieff for thinking that, and kudos for being one of those inside that caucus who has a spine. It doesn’t say much for the rest of the caucus or “election readiness team” (which appears to be an oxymoron) if […]

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