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MSNBC is apparently projecting that Republican candidate Mitt Romney will win Michigan, and liberal blogs in the US everywhere are celebrating. A graphic example of this would be this cute logo at Daily Kos I saw in one of the message threads:

Now, there will be more then a few saying that the liberal blogs call for Democrats to vote for Mitt in Michigan had little impact: I believe I saw somewhere that said between 7-10% of voters in the Republican primary were Democratic voters, but Marcos of Daily Kos dismisses such talk:

If Romney wins by less than 7% , then that’s all we needed. The idea […]


Key Republican Primary in Michigan

Michigan votes today – or at least for all intents and purposes the Republicans in Michigan vote today, as the Michigan Democrats face censure from the DNC for trying to move their primary up and violating DNC rules, and their delegates may not even be allowed to be seated at the Democratic Convention.

We will find out a few things: whether John McCain can keep up his presidential campaign’s apparent rejuvenation after New Hampshire, whether Mike Huckabee has any strength amongst the evangelical crowd outside of Metro Detroit, and whether the “Mittmentum” campaign, which involves asking Democrats to crossover and vote for Mitt Romney as encouraged by Daily Kos and some other liberal blogs in order to help Mitt Romney win – with the goal of causing the republican presidential race to continue to be a toss-up and from their POV, continuing the GOP internal warfare -  is a success or is a failure (Michigan is an open primary – you don’t have to be of the same party to vote for someone else’s candidate – your only restriction is you can only vote for one ballot or the other, not both).

Although last-minute stories like this aren’t going to help Mitt’s campaign much, 2 late polls in Michigan have him leading McCain by 5-8 points.

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