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A couple of conservatives make their pitch for MMP

It’s kind of interesting if you look at this list (accurate as of Sept 19th) that’s been compiled of the MPP’s who are asked whether they support MMP or not. The Liberals have slightly more favoured then opposed, and an equal # who are neutral. The NDP’ers (those who have been asked) and the Green’s are unsurprisingly unanimous so far in their endorsement of MMP. Take a look at the PC’s, however – so far, not a single Progressive Conservative MPP has come out in favour of supporting mixed-member proportional; which may be the reason John Tory is trying to invoke fear into the electorate of “appointed mpp’s” (a falsehood – they are elected), and “party hacks will control them” (when he as a party leader would be able to make sure that doesn’t happen by publicly committing to democratic methods to pick them).

There are conservative supporters or conservative columnists however who are trying their best to change that. Andrew Coyne makes the conservative case for MMP in his National Post columns today – an excerpt:

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