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Guest Blog by Leanne Bourassa: 1st Year Reflections as Liberal Party Membership Secretary

(I had the pleasure of getting to meet and know Leanne at the Feb 2014 Liberal Convention in Montreal. We had been vaguely aware of each other before through blog interactions, so we weren’t total strangers, but it was a treat to meet her in person, and after getting to know her, I was pleased she was elected to National Membership Secretary. I thank Leanna for contributing this guest-blogpost to assess her first year on the “job”!. As usual, all guestblog posts/opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of me or this site. – Scott.)


Well, as the poet says “Time flies when you’re having fun”! It’s hard […]


Guest blog from Leanne Bourassa; new LPC Nat’l Membership Secretary

Cue the music: Carry On by FUN

The week before convention was a tough one for my team – tempers were running high, work and school obligations were pressing, we were spending more money than we had planned, I was travelling, doing founding meetings and still trying to be a responsible employee and everyone was just plain tired. So, driving to the airport to pick up Erich was a nice opportunity to shift gears and get into the “Convention mindset”. Things got even better when I ran into a friend from Law school and ended up with two passengers for the long, slow drive downtown. The guys hit it off […]

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