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Opposed to Harper’s Prorogue? You can now have your say

I made brief mention yesterday about the No Prorogue! site, so I thought I’d give it a bit more air time today, along with their neat graphic they’re using. Check out the website. You’ll find there are links there on rallies in different cities protesting Harper’s unnecessary use of prorogue and his contempt for Parliamentary over-site, as well as a blog, and the opportunity to contribute to the site.

I’ve noted more then a few Progressive Blogger affiliated blogsite owners have done some blogging contributions, which makes sense, since many of them oppose prorogation, oppose this PM and his Conservative government in general, and writing their thoughts […]


Another Conservative MP claims the Olympics are a reason for proroguing

It’s Colin Mayes turn now to try and use the Olympics as justification for the Conservatives proroguing Parliament, with a slightly different argument in using it as a reason:

Mayes says there is also a practical reason for suspending Parliament given that the Conservatives don’t have a majority of the seats. “The Olympics are a great celebration and it would be a real conflict for MPs to be there in a minority situation,” he said, adding that could lead to the opposition having more MPs present in Ottawa.

You’re ALREADY outnumbered in Ottawa. Colin; you’re in a minority government, remember? Of course, the basic solution is maybe if MP’s stayed […]

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