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The Liberals National Director Rocco Rossi chats with Scott’s Diatribes.

Rocco Rossi, the recently appointed National Director of the Liberal Party, agreed to have a little question-and answer session with me – mostly to do with the upcoming Liberal Convention. He also wasn’t afraid to express his views on the One Member, One Vote constitutional proposal that has garnered quite a bit of attention of late. […]


Liberals should replace the leadership convention.

I’ve seen this being mentioned elsewhere on blogs and in at least 1 newspaper article (though where escapes me at the moment as I search for it), but there’s been some talk on whether the Liberal Party should replace the traditional Leadership Convention (some would call it anachronistic) that uses delegates to choose Liberal leaders, with something a bit more democratic and a bit more modern – something like “One Member, One Vote”, where all party members would have the chance to elect their leader, and not just several hundred delegates (and allow those members to vote for the candidates from their own riding and even from their own home).


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