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Good news/more details from the OLP re: blogger accreditation

I received an email this evening from Christine McMillan. She is the Secretary General of the upcoming OLP Leadership and the VP of Communications for OLP. She has sent me more details about blogger accreditation to the OLP, and its all very good. I wanted to repost her email word for word, but as I dont have her permission yet to do that (she’s not responded to my request), I’ll paraphrase what she said, as I know lots of bloggers are wondering, judging from the communications I’ve been getting:

– The OLP will have a dedicated space for the accredited bloggers to work from in the concourse area. – The […]


‘For those asking, #olpldr Convention will include access for accredited bloggers. #olp #onpoli’

This was just tweeted on the Ontario Liberal Party Twitter account;

Great news obviously. Also obviously, we will need more details on the process involved in applying for accreditation, what accreditation gives us, who our contact person will be for this, and at the OLP Convention, etc. but I am pleased to see this is the decision.


A disquieting rumor on the Ontario Liberal Convention blogging front

I’m still away on Christmas/New Years vacation, hence my absence from here… so Happy New Year to everyone.

Secondly, just a little update on the Ontario Liberal Leadership convention and whether or not they will be accrediting bloggers to cover the convention as social/new media. Nothing official has come yet either way. I would send a friendly suggestion to those at the OLP organizing this that they should be making a decision sooner rather then later, and if your decision is to have bloggers attending to cover you as new media/social media journalists, you need to set some time for yourself to send out applications for accreditation, check the applications […]


Back up! Some Ontario Liberal stuff

We had some downtime here due to a server upgrade last evening and this am, but I’m back now.

Some brief news on the Ontario Liberal leadership convention. I again sent out an inquiry to some of my OLP contacts asking if they’d heard yet whether the party would be accrediting and accepting bloggers there to cover the convention or not.. and still no decision been made; either they’re unsure about letting us rabble in, or they have other bigger stuff on their plate that they need to get out of the way.

Either way.. I was told they would discuss it shortly. I am hopeful that they will, […]


Ontario Liberal Party Convention: blogging opportunities?

BigCityLib asked about this last month. I’ve put forth an inquiry to someone I know up in Toronto Liberal HQ about whether the access that the NDP provided us bloggers (of all political stripes) will be replicated at the Ontario Liberal Party Convention.. (that hopefully includes the access we had there.. and not the costs the federal cousins wanted to do for the privilege of attending with less access a year or 2 back).

As soon as I know, I’ll let you all know.

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