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The Outrement situation is resolved the right way

This just landing in my email box from the Liberals comes this announcement regarding the riding of Outrement:

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff today welcomed a move by candidate Nathalie Le Prohon to run in Jeanne-Le Ber, saying Ms. Le Prohon has put party unity first and demonstrated the strength of the Liberal team in Quebec. Mr. Ignatieff also announced that following Ms. Le Prohon’s move, open nominations will be held in both Outremont and Jeanne-Le Ber.

We’re fortunate to have two good candidates in Martin Cauchon and Nathalie Le Prohon who want to join the Quebec team of the Liberal Party of Canada,” said Denis Coderre, Liberal Quebec Lieutenant.

“I […]


Mr Ignatieff: Allow the riding of Outrement to be an open nomination for the Liberal candidate (updated)

I saw this story pop up in the Canadian Press today at one of my Liberal colleagues notes at Facebook, and I couldn’t agree more with his sentiment; the Liberal Party leadership should be allowing an open nomination and a contested nomination to see who the standard-bearer for the Liberal Party will be to run again NDP’er Thomas Mulcair.

In brief, it appears former cabinet minister Martin Cauchon would like to come out of retirement and run again, but Denis Coderre (the Liberal Party’s Quebec lieutenant) announced last week that this riding was being reserved for someone the Liberals wanted to have run here. It appears from the news […]

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