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Paranoia and delusional = a scary combo.

Ok, I’m not sure what makes me more worried – the fact that there are Blogging Tories going around photographing reporters and trying to use who they socialize with in their off-time as proof there is a “liberal bias” in the media, or that the majority of the conservative commentators on the said blog are congratulating the blogger for doing what they did and bravely asserting this proves the liberal media bias (most from folks who decided to bravely remain anonymous, I might note).

At least Stephen Taylor to his credit got on there and said this was rather unsettling and didn’t show any proof at all of this supposed bias. I’m thinking though he may have more of these folks with like mind running around on his blogroll then he would care to admit. You might wanna tighten up the membership requirements over there, Stephen.

[email protected]:43 pm: Red Tory discovers more evidence of the sinister plot by the MSM to infiltrate Conservative ranks and become moles – they hang out with known Conservatives!  I expect we’ll hear calls from the horrified Conservative bloggers for a Royal Commission on blogger/journalist ethics.

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