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Did John Tory get enough votes to stay in as leader?

It looks like he’ll have to think about it:

John Tory says he’ll decide “very soon” whether to hang on as Progressive Conservative leader after winning just 66.87 per cent support from party activists in a review of his performance following last October’s election debacle. The results – lower than internal tracking which showed more comfortably in the 70 per cent range – appeared to come as a shock to Tory.

Personally, in a very selfish way, I hope Mr. Tory leaves, and the Ontario PC’s put in a right-winger as their leader. I think Tory would still have a chance to portray himself as a moderate to the Ontario electorate the next time around, and that usually appeals to the province’s voters. If the PC’s think they need to get a leader that acts more like Mike Harris then Bill Davis, that will ensure the PC’s remain out of government here for awhile.

[email protected]:40pm – Well, that was quick:

After the result, Tory said he needed time to consider his future. The time he needed turned out to be brief. Three hours later, Tory emerged late Saturday to announce that he had consulted his wife and caucus and had decided to stay on as leader.

So, he opted to stick with this amount of support unlike what Joe Clark did with the same amount of leadership support with the federal PC’s  in 1983. It will be interesting to see if this time, the decision pans out for him, unlike for Joe.

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