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So much for that prediction

Stockwell Day issued a “don’t worry, be happy” newsletter to his constituents the past week, declaring the recession to be over.

So much for that prediction, and now you know why other government cabinet ministers distanced themselves from that declaration:

The gross domestic product fell 0.5 per cent in May, a faster rate of decline than in the previous three months..The output of the energy sector dropped a further 2.3 per cent in May as oil-and-gas extraction as well as associated support activities posted significant declines…The manufacturing sector continued to fall in May, down 1.6 per cent, with about half the decrease due to a 21 per cent drop in […]


Rather blatant, don’t you think?

If this isn’t pork-barrel politics, I’m not sure what is:

Liberals today released documents showing that 94 per cent of the Harper government’s Enabling Accessibility Fund went to Conservative-held ridings…The documents show how nearly $34 million of the total $35.9 million that was dispersed from the $45-million fund went to Conservative ridings, most of which went out in the days leading up to last fall’s writ drop. The bulk of the money, $30 million, went to two projects – the Genesis Centre of Community Wellness project in the riding of Calgary Northeast, then held by Conservative MP Art Hanger, and the Abilities Centre in Durham Region in Finance Minister Jim […]


Strange issue to be wanting an election over.

I think I’m in Steve V’s camp. I don’t quite understand why the Conservatives are threatening an election because they don’t want to tell Parliament or Canada where the 3 billion $ emergency fund is going to be dispersed – even in general terms. Lack of accountability seems a rather bad issue for the government to be falling over and causing an early election on.

The Liberals – or any of the opposition for that matter – can make a very good case that accountability is needed, particularly when they remind the public of how this Conservative government loves to play pork-barrel politics:

Of specific infrastructure projects announced across Canada […]

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