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A victory for federalism and tolerance in Quebec..

…and 2 free dinners won from political bets for me from political colleagues (one on a majority, the 2nd on the number of seats won) All in all, a great night last night.

Postscript: My 1 won bet was with Jim Calder, blogger at the Progressive Right, and one of my helpers at Progressive Bloggers when we go on political convention road trips to help get pictures up at the site. I’m sure we’ll be turning this (as we did last October, when I soundly beat him on a Tim Hudak bet) into an informal blogger/political social media folks get together – likely in Toronto, and I’m leaning towards May. […]


I have faith in Quebec voters….

… to recognize the dog-whistles coming out of the PQ for what they are.. and not allow wedge politics and narrow-mindedness to rule the day. The PQ has fallen into out and out panic mode, accusing the Liberal leader Couillard of more or less abandoning Quebecois, merely because he supports bilingualism.. and I don’t need to repeat the ridiculousness coming out of their various members over the Values Charter. A slight majority of francophone voters may support it, but I think they got scared off when the extreme separatist elements (see Pierre-Karl Peladeau – the head of Quebecor Media – better known as the owners of the rabid Sun Newspapers […]

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