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If John Mccain wants to appeal to independent voters..

.. in the remaining and dwindling time he has left to do so, my advice to him would be to make sure that he takes Michelle Bachmann, Republican Congress member from Minnesota, off the TV circuit. Watch as she says she’s concerned that Barack Obama and his wife are anti-American, and she also called for, get this, reporters to investigate which members of Congress are secretly against America. Joe Mccarthy 2008 anyone?

The Democrats, however, are secretly thanking her for her Mccarthyesque rant. When the Democratic netroots got ahold of Bachmann’s interview and displayed it for all to see, her Democratic opponent had only been given donations of […]


Parallel universes.

Another American bank fails in the US:

Washington Mutual, the giant lender that came to symbolize the excesses of the mortgage boom, was seized by federal regulators on Thursday night in the largest bank failure in American history.

So another bank fails and gets nationalized by the US government, on top of what’s gone on down there already. Since all of these failures that have occurred, Barack Obama’s fortunes have risen and John McCain’s stock has fallen. In addition, polls have shown the American public blames the Republicans for this economic mess, and believe Obama and Democrats in general would be better at managing the economy.

Meanwhile in Canada, we have a Conservative Government that has managed to squander a 12 billion $ surplus down to almost nothing in less then 3 years, with warning signs that our own economy is going to get worse, and yet not only does Harper make the astounding claim only he and his Conservative party are the only ones that can be good economic stewards on the impending economic crisis, the Canadian public is somehow buying that line, if you read polling on the issue.

In my opinion, the counter-message to Harper’s claims on the economy on this isn’t being sent out enough or properly. The one Liberal ad going after Harper on the economy is a good start, but in my opinion, we need a lot more of those.


Sarah Palin a “game-changer”…for the Democrats.

So my blogging colleague Antonio over from Fuddle-Duddle has been trying to tell me how much of a game changer this Sarah Palin pick would be for McCain and the Republicans. He never expressly said it would help the Republicans and McCain win the Presidential election, but I got the feeling he believed it was a positive for the McCain campaign.

There is no doubt from what I’ve seen that she does excite the Republican wingnuts base, and why wouldn’t she? She’s anti-abortion, she’s for teaching creationism in schools alongside evolution in science class, she’s pro-oil drilling and anti-environment, she’s for teaching abstinence-only to teenagers and not safe-sex courses. Your prototypical right-wing social conservative Republican, in otherwards.

The problem is though that the pick may not do much for them if it motivates the Democrats even more, as well as turn off the independent voters… and that appears initially to be happening. We have had 5 national polls released since her pick. Four of those polls show a WIDENING of Obama’s lead, to outside of the Margin Of Error. I’ve said before that I think regional polling and what those overall effects on the electoral college are a lot more important then the national polling #’s, since the President isn’t picked on national popular vote, but like it or not, national polls drive the media narrative down there as much as they do here in Canada, and the narrative coming out is this pick has failed to so far connect with anyone beyond the Republican core voters.

One of the reasons for Palin’s pick turning out to be a bit of a train wreck is with all the negative stories that have come out on her at the same time. Other voters apparently see it as a stunt or a gimmick. Some people are even speculating that she might be forced to resign from the pick because of all this controversy. Personally I doubt it will come to that as it will enrage the same Republican wingnuts base that McCain needs if he has any hope of winning.

So while the Palin pick may be a game-changer, it may not be for the Republicans or McCain – at least not in the positive sense.

UPDATE: A hilarious picture from Talking Points Memo, on their view of the Palin impending train-wreck.

UPDATE 2 @3:25pm: A couple more national polls that show an expanding lead for Obama.

UPDATE 3 @4:48 pm: Paul Wells calls this whole sordid episode a gong-show. That might be underestimating the furore surrounding the pick. But remember, the Republican wingnuts base love her!


It’s like shooting fish in a barrel…

I was talking to one of my friends last night who graduated with me in Political Science from The U. Of Guelph. He now works as a Conservative Party staffer, and is more “conservative” then even what the official Conservative Party orthodoxy is right now which they are trying to present to the Canadian public. So, we don’t see eye to eye on Canadian politics, to say the least.

However, our discussion was about the Obama-McCain race in the US. I made the remark that I felt Obama was going to slaughter McCain in the presidential race – that it wouldn’t be close, and that he’d win 300 electoral […]

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