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Rumour: Shelly Glover to replace Guergis this weekend? (UPDATE!)

So a Liberal associate of mine has passed along that the rumor mill going on at “the Hill” in some quarters is that the embattled Helena Guergis will be removed (or possibly “resign”, nudge, wink) this weekend, and that Shelly Glover would take her position in Cabinet.

Now, if you’re not familiar with Shelly Glover, I can point you to a few articles on her that have appeared recently in a couple media outlets.

My view is, if this is true, and Glover is indeed the replacement, I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, because she looks like another accident waiting to happen. Her over-the-top partisan rhetoric (which makes […]


Is this Helena Guergis’s potential replacement in Cabinet?

I see Conservative MP Shelly Glover decided to issue an April Fool’s Day declaration 1 day early. Apparently, Shelly has some inside knowledge that “all prisoners vote Liberal” while “all cops vote Conservative” – ergo, that’s why the Liberals put forth “soft on crime’ legislation, because they have a vested interest in keeping the prisoner vote, apparently.

Let me just state that if Helena Guergis gets fired or resigns, and Shelly Glover is the replacement to cabinet, none of the opposition parties will be crying too much in losing an easy target like Helena, because Shelly appears she could ably and easily fill that role.

By the way, and […]

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