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The National Citizens Coalition prefers input from you on trivial matters, not relevant issues.

Forget the recession, forget how fast government stimulus is or isnt getting out there, or whether its being put to good use or how wisely it’s being spent; Stephen Harper’s former organization wants to know from you folks whether the Queen should be giving former Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien the Order of Merit or not.

As you might expect, the vote over there is overwhelmingly against Chretien receiving this award. I’m sure the Queen will hurry along to respect the wishes of the Kool-Aid crowd over there and rescind the honour. I don’t particularly “get” putting up a poll question like that when the NCC knows the way […]


Breaking News

I was checking the news today on CNN.. and they informed me in not -so-many words that Michael Jackson is still dead.


Now THIS is an extreme teabagger…

A photo of one of the right-wing protestors out at the Tea-bag parties. Now this is dedication to your cause. (I don’t see any Red Tea on her head though, as I suggested they use).


Some suggestions for teabags to use at American rightwing “tea parties” today.

So, you may have heard that today has been declared “tea-bagging day” by some of the conservative populace in the US today, where millions thousands hundreds have gathered and will gather in protests around the US to protest something or other – I believe mostly to do with the stimulus package.

Their main gimmick with this thing is for protesters to bring tea bags with them and dump them somewhere (but not anywhere – some of them didn’t remember to get a permit). This is apparently to symbolize the “Boston Tea Party” tax on tea revolt from back in the Pre-Revolutionary days of the American colonies.

I’d like to help […]


Scott’s Diatribes officially endorses Randy Hillier to be leader of the next Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.

With his announcement this AM that he is running for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, I’ve decided to issue my hearty endorsement of Randy winning the leadership race.

I do so because with his second-to-none past “activist background”, and the fact all the right wing conservative activists will probably endorse him (and not just any normal bunch of right-wingers, but the really extreme wingnuts), his winning the leadership ensures not only do the Progressive Conservatives come nowhere close to winning the government back in Ontario, they might even turn off enough moderate (or “normal”) people that the NDP might get official opposition, and send them even further […]


That’s one way to stop a market slide..

.. just kill the system so no one can trade. I don’t know why no one thought of this earlier:

The Toronto stock exchange is dead in the water an hour after the trading day opened, meaning investors can’t buy or sell on the country’s largest market. “We’ve halted the Toronto stock exchange and TSX Venture Exchange and we will update you as soon as we are able,” said Caroline Quick, director of communications at the TSX. “It’s a technical issue”, she added, declining to elaborate on the nature of the problem.

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.. Say no more.

Update: Haha. Tyler thinks Harper has gotten control of the TSX’s […]


Just a little observation on Coyne making Cool-Aid for Manley

Just a brief follow-up to my previous post; If John Manley ever DOES get brave and actually decides to run for the Liberal leadership rather then snipe from the sidelines and kneecap his supposed current party, and Andrew Coyne decides to resign from Maclean to be his press secretary or media relations guy, these 2 posts of Coyne (practically begging Manley to run to stop this dastardly coalition with the NDP, and to run a.. I don’t know.. Joe Lieberman type campaign) should be read so as you’re not completely shocked by Andrew’s career move.


Has this candidate for LPC leader made me break my neutrality?

I think this new entry is “testing the waters” so to speak.. but with the absolute dearth right now of candidates entered into the race, he could be the sleeper pick.

Join the Facebook Group here! Since the announcement, the membership has grown by over 100%!!! (Though I have to admit I’m a bit hesitant of supporting any candidate that Rachel Marsden supports, but maybe he’s one of these “Bridge-builders” types).


Think you’re more qualified to be VP then Sarah Palin?

Well, take the quiz and see if you are!

Quiz: Are you more qualified to be VP than Sarah Palin?


What would a Sarah Palin presidency be like?

Scary thought, isn’t it? Here’s a website called Palin As President that puts those thoughts into a visual presentation 🙂 Very well done… and not far off the truth.

(H/T to C.A., a Liberal acquaintance of mine for finding that website).

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