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How much of a joke has Sarah Palin become?

…so much of a joke that the Russians are mocking her in the form of a music video.

They’re of course referring to the vice-presidential nominee/Governor of Alaska comments where she said being able to see Russia from her backyard qualified her as being experienced in foreign affairs.

UPDATE @ 7:48 am: There is apparently some question whether these are real Russians mocking Sarah Palin, or whether they’re American singers pretending to be Russian singers mocking Sarah Palin. Either way, the song is still hilarious, and if it’s the latter, it still doesn’t change the title of my blogpost.



Contest: Vote for the new CTV Logo!!!

Seeing as CBC held a contest for the new Hockey Night In Canada anthem, and since CTV has made it abundantly clear they’re all Conservative cheerleaders over there, they might as well openly declare it, so what better way then to pick a new logo for them to reflect that reality?

The snarky folks at A Creative Revolution have come up with 2 such designs for you to choose from. Let’s see which one is more popular, and may I suggest the winner gets forwarded to the CTV brass?

First one:

Welcome to ConTV. We will do whatever it takes!

Second one:

Welcome to conTV! With more fleecing!



Stephen Harper now apparently loves artistic galas.

Remember how Harper defended his cuts to certain cultural programs with the line more or less saying that artists and such are just elitists going to fancy galas with fancy dresses and suits not worthy of being funded (when in actuality, the average salary of an artist is around 20 grand)?

I guess with this brochure platform Harper has released hastily, he has now decided he wants to recapture the elitist gala vote, if I get the subliminal messaging of this photo in his brochure platform:

Look, It’s Harper with a couple of cellos! There’s a kid! Harper’s smiling! (Ok, it’s a little frozen, but give the guy a […]


Thanks Devin, but I’m not really a litigator like our PM is.

Your support is nice and the sentiment appreciated in your Vlog here, and I’m sure others who’ve been targets would agree. I’m not particularly in the suing frame of mind over this silly juvenile tactic, however.

Personally, if the Conservative war room wants to send me and other Liberal bloggers extra web traffic, they can knock themselves out. Maybe this creation of theirs was what that one supposedly over-eager webguy was doing before he was creating Puffin-Gate (or Poop-Gate, as Calgary Grit blogger Dan Arnold prefers to call it.)

I’m actually pleased to see they think bloggers are important enough to try and go after. I’ll also note […]


In Brief: Editorial balancing in Guelph Mercury

Here is an amusing op-ed column in today’s Guelph Mercury, which can be summarized as taking potshots at all four candidates (though in the Liberals case, it’s more of him taking potshots at Scott Brison then he is Frank Valeriote).  Obviously, the writer  was a bit grumpy when he penned this column today. I didn’t think the summer had been that hot this year, so I can’t blame it on that.

On a slightly more serious side, I’ll be interested to see who the Guelph Mercury’s editorial board officially endorses, if anyone.

UPDATE: My blogging colleague David thinks it’s going to be Tom King, if it isn’t already, but we shall see. I do find it curious as an aside that neither his blog nor, which is an aggregate of local Guelph bloggers, and many politically oriented, hasn’t been put on the Mercury’s Guelph Votes blogroll.


About the National Post’s difficulty.

I’m not sure I really want to see the National Post go under, as at the very least, it keeps all the right-wing riff-raff in one place, where they can be kept an eye on. If they go under, I don’t think Sun Media has enough room for them all, and they might end up infecting other media centres with their silly views.

Then again, if Warren were to succeed in his dastardly plan to buy them and cut everyone loose (though I think they’re going to have to up the offer substantially from Warren’s initial bid), that’s also going to happen. You’d get a more moderate, reasonable paper that […]


Paranoia and delusional = a scary combo.

Ok, I’m not sure what makes me more worried – the fact that there are Blogging Tories going around photographing reporters and trying to use who they socialize with in their off-time as proof there is a “liberal bias” in the media, or that the majority of the conservative commentators on the said blog are congratulating the blogger for doing what they did and bravely asserting this proves the liberal media bias (most from folks who decided to bravely remain anonymous, I might note).

At least Stephen Taylor to his credit got on there and said this was rather unsettling and didn’t show any proof at all of this supposed bias. I’m thinking though he may have more of these folks with like mind running around on his blogroll then he would care to admit. You might wanna tighten up the membership requirements over there, Stephen.

[email protected]:43 pm: Red Tory discovers more evidence of the sinister plot by the MSM to infiltrate Conservative ranks and become moles – they hang out with known Conservatives!  I expect we’ll hear calls from the horrified Conservative bloggers for a Royal Commission on blogger/journalist ethics.


Late Night/Early Morning Open Thread

What would be a good synonym for Pierre Poilievre?

Probably this:

Feel free to leave other synonyms, or anything else on your mind.

PS – RIP Tim Russert. I didn’t watch his show all that often, but I was aware of his importance on the American political reporting scene.  I was surprised to hear the news of his sudden passing.


Conservatives declare no confidence in a federal institution.

With regards to the Bloc Quebecois Motion that stated more or less roughly in translation  asking “That this House express its complete confidence in Elections Canada and the Federal Elections Commissioner”, the motion passed as expected, but the Conservatives apparently don’t share the sentiment, as they unbelievably voted against this. The final vote was 152 – 117, for those keeping track.

So I guess the question that needs to be asked is will the Conservatives boycott the next election?  I mean, they obviously think Elections Canada and its commissioner (the Conservative – appointed commissioner I might add) is unfair and biased against them, with the “in and out” ruling going against them, so  how can they participate in a biased election with an apparently biased federal agency?

I have a suggestion Conservatives: do a mass resignation now in protest, and let someone else be government.

[email protected]:21pm: Andrew Potter over at Macleans sarcastically wonders if its time to bring in the UN election observer teams, since the Conservative government apparently has no confidence in its federal agency that runs elections.

UPDATE [email protected]:32pm: This is a headline that just thrills me to death to see: Harper Tories Vote Non-Confidence In Elections Canada. And the part of this newstory that amuses me to no end are these 2 parts:

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have refused to join in a parliamentary show of confidence in Elections Canada, the independent watchdog charged with ensuring electoral fairness and honesty..The organization also trains election officials around the world and has monitored contentious votes in places like Haiti, Iraq and Ukraine.

The implication being that Haiti, Iraq and the Ukraine and other countries trusts Elections Canada to be fair, but our own Canadian government doesn’t. OUCH!


The Liberals plot revealed

This originally got shown first at CalgaryGrit, but I think it’s so good that I’m going to reproduce it over here to show that the secret plans of the Liberals to undermine the Conservative Government has been exposed, and how they’re doing it.

I expect to see Pierre Poilievre breathlessly release this at the next news conference he holds exposing this “conspiracy”.

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