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Somewhere, Stephen Harper is smiling at this.

Statistics Canada released a survey today on the reasons given by those Canadians as to why they did not vote in the May 2 federal election:

..The most common response for not having voted was that they were “not interested in voting” (28%), which also includes feeling their vote would not have made a difference in the election results. An additional 23% indicated they were “too busy”, which includes having family obligations or having a schedule conflict at work or school.

With regards to the 23% who were “too busy” to vote, they either didn’t see the notices from Elections Canada on where one could do advance voting, or else […]


A resignation with honour (and calling out the Conservative ideologues with grace)

I’ve gained the utmost respect for this man, the now former head of Statistics Canada, Munir Sheikh:

There has been considerable discussion in the media regarding the 2011 Census of Population. There has also been commentary on the advice that Statistics Canada and I gave the government on this subject. I cannot reveal and comment on this advice because this information is protected under the law. However, the government can make this information public if it so wishes. I have always honoured my oath and responsibilities as a public servant as well as those specific to the Statistics Act.

I want to take this opportunity to comment on a technical […]


Here’s a great example of why Harper wants to gut StatsCanada

Some people have mused that the longform census mandatory form being axed is less of an attempt to bolster the Conservative Tea Party base, then it is to make data less reliable that might cause Harper and his Conservative government grief.

Take this report this morning released by Statistics Canada. It provides very inconvenient facts to counter his ideological rants on the “tough on crime” legislation the Conservatives insist is needed:

Crime rate continues to drop, StatsCan finds

The numbers, rates and severity of crimes reported to police dropped again last year, continuing a 10-year trend, Statistics Canada reports. The numbers fly in the face of the federal Tory government’s […]

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