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More G8/G20 waste: Over a million $ for the posters you’ll see.

Greg Weston of Sunmedia has really been on a roll cataloguing all the wasteful spending that’s going on at this G8/G20 summit. His latest reveal: the posters you’ll see in the backdrop of all the photo-op shots cost over a million of your taxpayers bucks:

The latest bit of fiscal fun at public expense is $1,102,500 — wait for it — for backdrops in the two meeting halls hosting the summits. No joke: Foreign Affairs is shelling out over a million bucks for those really big banners and signboards commonly used as backdrops behind speakers’ podiums. These will be used mainly to decorate the meeting halls in Toronto and Muskoka […]


What do you do with money saved from funding cuts to women’s groups & arts/culture?

Well, if you’re the Conservative government, you apparently use some of it to build a fake lake for the G8/G20 conference, and giving reporters special edition Blackberries. From Greg Weston:

Canadian and international journalists covering the G8 summit in Muskoka later this month will be able to file their reports from the leisurely comfort of a cottage dock, their feet dangling in the water, surrounded by the stunning sights and sounds of the fabled Ontario resort country three hours north of Toronto. The only catch is they won’t be anywhere near Muskoka. Instead, the federal government is shelling out millions of dollars to re-create cottage country — complete with a […]

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