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Journamalism, Part 2

I’m going to borrow Pogge’s phrase here used to describe what he thinks (and is correct in thinking) is bad or inaccurate reporting on some of our Canadian media and point it at the journalists/pundits in another fashion. In this instance, I’m taking aim at the pundits and journalists who months ago ridiculed Stephane Dion and the Liberals for abstaining on the Throne Speech last October and claimed it was done because the Liberals/Dion were weak, or had no principles, etc. I’m not blaming them for being critical of the Liberals abstaining – I wanted the Liberals to pull the plug back then too – but what I’m taking issue […]


Blogging from Bali – Stephane Dion.

Jason was hinting at his blog earlier that there would be some big news, and indeed there is:

Stéphane Dion is blogging from Bali… My expectation is that Mr. Dion will write clearly about what he is seeing on the ground and how his meetings are going.

Mr. Dion’s blog can be found here. I decided to take a peek at his site, and he’s been very busy with 4 blog entries already on his first day of blogging. Those include describing his arrival in Bali, his speech to municipal and city leaders, his meeting with Yvo De Boer (the UN’s climate change Secretary), and commenting on all the Fossil Awards Canada is receiving in Bali.

It’ll be interesting to see if he will keep the blogging pace up, but regardless, it will be an inside view of the conference from his perspective. I particularly look forward to the blogging he does after the panel he and Mr Baird are supposed to be on together on the 13th is completed and the anticipated fireworks some are expecting to happen occurs (presuming Mr Baird doesn’t chicken out on it, like he did with the government-sponsored event that as mentioned earlier, caused the Canadian youth delegation to leave in protest.)


Reflections on Dion’s win 1 year later.

Reflecting seems to be a popular theme this week in the media and the blogs about Dion’s win at the Liberal Leadership Convention a year ago. Jeff’s piece on the occasion is a very good article that more or less reflects my positions on what’s happened this past year, but I’ll throw in my 2 cents worth.

What I will say is this: as most in the blogosphere know, the reason I went from a left-of-centre progressive who was unaffiliated with any party to a card-carrying Liberal was precisely because of Dion winning and what I saw there in Montreal and the potential of the man. I’m not sure I […]


Dion will ensure the world knows the majority of Canadians disagree with Steve on climate change.

I’d just like to repeat what I’ve read elsewhere on this topic and say I think it’s absolutely a stroke of brilliance that Dion is going to go to Bali next month – out of his own pocket if necessary – to the United Nations climate change talks to ensure that the rest of the world knows that Stephen Harper does not speak for the majority of Canadians on climate change.

Dion is well known by most of these world delegations from the Montreal climate change meetings, and its generally agreed by observers he was well regarded, so he will certainly have the ability to have more then a few […]

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