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If Harper can change his mind on things..

…then I can as well… at least partially, anyhow. The thing I’ve changed my mind on (partially) is using Twitter.

I’ve been a rather strong skeptic of Twitter as many of you know. I’ve not seen much use for 140 characters or less,and I’m still not sure I do. However, in talking with one of my Progressive Bloggers affiliates, Matt (who blogs at bastard.logic), he mentioned there was a thing called Twitterfeed, that could retransmit blogposts (or at least, their title and a brief summary) to Twitter.

That I think would be half useful.. so along with some mild persuasion from Matt (who is usually not that mild in his […]


Forget Twitter! Here comes Flutter!

As someone who mocks Twitter on a regular basis, this mockumentary made my night.

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