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OMOV and YLC quotas: From agnostic to against.

You might remember on Friday I said I had reservations about this Young Liberal of Canada amendment that would support One Member One Vote – conditional on the YLC retaining their 25% quota of youth delegates at Liberal conventions.

After reading a couple of Liberal blogs that have popped up opposing this “amendment to the amendment”, but in particular and specifically after reading Jeff’s blogpost and Steve’s blogpost expressing their reasoning for being against the YLC sub-amendment, I’ve turned from being indifferent to the YLC amendment to outright opposing it (and from talking to a few other Liberal bloggers in private, and seeing some bloggers in some of the above […]


Good proposal for ethnic outreach by Liberals

The Young Liberals of Canada (YLC) are holding elections this year for various positions in their organization. One of those folks happens to be a fellow by the name of John Lennard, who has been a very active Liberal in his young life. I first knew John from his blogsite, and have also met him in person a couple of times at a couple of Liberal Party and blogging functions. He happens to be running for YLC President, and I found in particular this policy position he made on multiculturalism to be very interesting:

As Young Liberals, we need to fight to re-establish the multiculturalism committee within the Liberal Party […]


What do young Liberals in Guelph do on a Saturday afternoon?

Why, they go out and help campaign and door-knock to help Frank Valeriote – Guelph Liberal candidate – get elected:

Photo courtesy of Kyle Mitchell

Pretty nice turnout, it appears.  Ground game is going to be essential in this byelection, because despite the Conservatives trying to downplay they have a shot at winning this riding, they are making an all-out attempt to win this riding.  A lot of prominent national Cons. have dropped by in Guelph the past couple of months, so efforts like this help the Liberals counter that.  More efforts like this will be needed leading up to the Sept 8th voting day.

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